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My name is Kristina and I just love to sew 🙂 It all started when I was a little girl as my mom was and still is seamstress so I guess she inspired me. For me it is magic that you can take couple peaces of fabric, some yarn, needle and poof you have something to wear.

I still remember my moms shock when she is back from work and I am “upgrading her dress” 😀 Good old times 🙂

After school my passion for sewing did not end as I went to college and studied embroidery technology after that went university to study product design.

After that worked in small sewing salon and customer service. But I always wanted to created my own stuff. Made bunch of clothes for my self, my kid and my sister.

At one point it just comes it is now or never 🙂 so this is how I started Pantito Design.

Best wishes,

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